So This Is What It Feels Like

This time last week Jennifer and I and the kids were bedding down for our last night in our little cottage in Franklin. We’d just had one last meal with Big Jon and Ally, and Brian and Jannell (and all … Continue reading


After all of that to explaining and asking you for help in my last letter, I entered the wrong email address.  Figures. If you like to get a hold of me regarding a possible appearance, or anything else for that … Continue reading

Update From Jeromy

I’ve been writing this letter in my head all summer, but procrastinated in sending it because I know it’s going to require something of me when it is “out”. I also want to ask you for some help. Nothing huge, … Continue reading

Monday 4:47am

Monday. 4:47am I’ve been awake for a while.  This happens sometimes – a couple times a month maybe.  It typically happens a few nights in a row, and then it lets up. Occasionally I’m able to fight it and fall … Continue reading

So This Is What It Feels Like

7:09am I wake up and look at the clock, surprised at how late it is. Sadie-Claire is usually in here by now asking me for breakfast. Jennifer is still asleep and the house is quiet. I have to be in … Continue reading