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So This Is What It Feels Like…

It’s 6:30am Pacific Time and I am the only one up.  In a minute the kids will descend upon my office and this stillness will be a memory.  But for now it is quiet. The sunrise is shrouded in gray … Continue reading

Two Weeks

It seems virtually impossible that just two weeks ago we were unloading the moving truck into our new place here in California. So much has happened since then – so much life has been lived in these past two weeks, … Continue reading

So This Is What It Feels Like

This time last week Jennifer and I and the kids were bedding down for our last night in our little cottage in Franklin. We’d just had one last meal with Big Jon and Ally, and Brian and Jannell (and all … Continue reading

It’s Starting To Feel Real Now

Jennifer and me and the kids are hanging out in the living room of our little cottage in Franklin TN watching American Idol, and I’m all of a sudden realizing that this is probably our family’s last quiet night alone … Continue reading

Something New

I’ve started this letter a of times, but haven’t been able to get very far.  Even as things seem to be coming together, this all still feels surreal – kind of like it’s not really happening… It’s not just a … Continue reading